Manage customer relations directly from Slack.

Spekto's shared channel manager for customer success and deployment teams is designed to create stronger relationships at scale.

Spekto + Slack = Happy Customers  

Analytics over shared customer channels

Speedy response times are expected once switching to a more casual IMing platform with customers.

Keep your business professional by staying true to your promises and being able to manage Slack communication.

User Engagement

Easily identify who your champion users are, by viewing who's most engaged on your shared channel. 

Message Volume

Compare how many messages have been sent on your channel as opposed to how much you're spending on each customer.

Measure SLA

Spekto makes sure you're monitoring your SLA and staying true to your response time to provide the best care for your customers.

Setup and integration in minutes. 

Spekto connects seamlessly at the touch of a button so you can be up and running in minutes.

Why use Slack Shared Channels?

Establish instant communication with your customers. Run a successful deployment as a sales engineer or build a relationship as a customer success manager. See why companies love shared Slack channels.

Start Using Spekto Today!

Integrate Spekto for Slack shared channels today. 

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